The benevolent talisman

She has the wizardry to disrupt the havoc of mediocrity and transform it into something eternal, to the pinnacle of brilliance


The wrath of her grandeur is calamitous 
Zenith of exquisite just like Aphrodite

Diligence that of a honey badger, 
ceaseless endeavours longing for passion and contentment

Possesses a charm of intelligence just like Athena 
An innate knack to inculcate wisdom 
Possesses an Intuitive persona which unravels the mystic revelations of life
Benevolent heart as clear and as a crystal 
and as prodigious as the ocean

Her vivacious persona is a glimpse into her benevolent and eternal soul

Her aura, par excellence… 
Words are deceptive, abstract and generalised incompatible with feelings
A colossal dilemma for mankind… 
Humans have become linguistic. 
An omnipresent barrier between what we feel and what we say 
Nevertheless I’ll endeavour to unravel her charisma:

The mysticism is surreal 
Delightful yet esoteric 
Overawed and thrilled by the intensity of her vibes 
Her presence illuminates your persona 
Elevating you to the pinnacle of excellence 
Her fierce aura radiates a flamboyant vibe

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